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A Lights Out Puzzle with Solver

A Lights Out Puzzle with Solver (JavaScript)

To use this solver:

Remember that the solver considers "blank" to be a color and for the purpose of this revision I have used BLACK to indicate blank spots in the puzzle. So what we consider a 2-color oyster bed (blue/green) is actually a 3-color puzzle (blank/blue/green).

Using the drop listboxes, chose both the size of your oyster bed as well as the number of colors.

Click the EDIT button twice to set all the cells to BLACK/BLANK then click each cell the appropriate number of times to make the edited puzzle match your oyster bed bubbles. Once done, click SOLVE. The solution screen will tell you where to dive in each row as well as how many times to dive for multi-color beds.

For the purpose of solving these puzzles, it does not matter which side of the grid you designate as the TOP(row 1).

Any questions/comments/how do I' me ingame. Hope this helps!

Original Lights Out Solver source code found at: